• 21+ years of age at time of hire

  • H.S. Degree or G.E.D.

  • U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident

  • Meet the minimum requirements of RCW 41.12.070

 Hiring Process & Timeline

  •  2-6 months    Oral Board interview (conducted about every 4 months)

  •  3-7 months    Chief’s Interview for top candidates

  •  3-8 months    Background Investigation

  • 5-10 months   Job Offer

  •  7-12 months  Hire date & sent to Basic Law Enforcement Academy

Public Safety Testing signups begin January 1, 2019

What Is A Background Investigation?

A detailed investigation into an applicant’s character and history. Some of the major areas investigated are the applicant’s work, education, legal, financial, and driving history.

A background investigator will interview as many friends, family members, and supervisors as possible. They strive to know the applicant as well as they know themselves.

The background investigation culminates in several screening tests to ensure an applicant’s honesty during the hiring process and fitness for the duties of a police officer:

  • polygraph

  • psychological

  • medical

  • drug