• Patrol officers work a 9-hour shift schedule that repeats every two weeks for a total of 80 work hours.

Week 1: four 9-hour shifts followed by two days off.

Week 2: four 9-hour shifts followed by one 8-hour shift followed by three days off.

  • Law enforcement is a 24-hour 365 day/year operation. Patrol officers are assigned to one of three shifts supervised by a sergeant:

Day Shift 0700-1600

Swing Shift 1500-0000

Graveyard 2200-0700

  • Shifts and days off are reassigned every four months and bid by seniority. Officers may not work more than two contiguous rotations of the same shift.


The Pullman Police Department equips our officers with everything they need to excel. All patrol officers are individually-issued:

  • custom-fit Level IIIA ballistic vest

  • Glock 17

  • .223 rifle and PMAG magazines

  • X26 Taser

  • Axon Flex 2 body camera

  • Samsung Galaxy phone

  • and more

The Pullman Police Department operates a patrol fleet of Ford Interceptor SUVs and sedans. Each vehicle is equipped with:

  • Microsoft Surface tablet

  • Axon Fleet 2 in-vehicle cameras

  • 40mm less-lethal Foam Baton launcher

  • and more