The Pullman Police Department is an early adopter of new technologies and processes with a history of innovation that stretches decades. We have been on the leading edge of implementing multi-agency records management, DNA-only arrest warrants, joint inter-local Emergency Management Planning, body-worn cameras, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (aka 'drones’) into our policing. We are also an Internet Crimes Against Children partner agency.


Pullman PD equips each patrol officer with the AXON Flex 2 and each detective with the AXON Body 2. Our patrol cars are equipped with AXON Fleet in-car cameras that monitor traffic ahead of the vehicle as well as the prisoner compartment. The cameras aid officers in documenting statements, evidence, and scenes as well as garner public trust.


Pullman PD utilizes three models of UAV for search and rescue, suspect apprehension, crime-scene documentation, disaster response, and community outreach.

DJI Spark - the Spark is an almost-pocket-sized UAV equipped with 1080p video recording. We primarily use the Spark for training and indoor or tactical operations.

DJI Phantom 4 - the Phantom takes up about a cubic foot of space and is equipped with a camera capable of 4k video recording, high-resolution photography, and is mounted to a gyroscopic gimble for image stabilization. The Phantom has the longest battery life and is our go-to drone for anything outdoors.

DJI Inspire - the Inspire is our largest drone and has a retractable landing gear. Like the Phantom, the Inspire is equipped with 4k video recording, high-resolution photography, and a gyroscopic gimble. However, the Inspire also can be outfitted with an infrared camera useful for nighttime search and rescue or suspect apprehension operations.

In April, 2019, Pullman PD received the Outstanding Achievement in Local Government Innovation Award from the Alliance for Innovation for our drone program.