The Pullman Police Department wants talented and motivated lateral officers from other agencies. In order to qualify as a lateral, applicants must:

  • have completed a qualifying basic law enforcement academy

  • be currently employed as a full-time commissioned law enforcement officer

  • have two years of continuous law enforcement experience


    one year full-time commissioned continuous law enforcement experience with satisfactory performance and have 30 credit hours or 45 quarter hours of college credits at an accredited institution


Officers lateraling from out of state will be sent to and must graduate from the 80-hour Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission Equivalency Academy. Lateral officers will also complete the PPD’s Field Training Orientation program.


Lateral officers begin at Step 3 of the salary schedule (2019: $77,316) and advance up to Step 5 (2020: $92,424) at the end of their 18-month probationary period depending on prior experience.