Policing Our Community With Compassion & Professionalism

Integrity. Dedication. Courage. Trust. Respect.

The Pullman Police Department embraces the Community Oriented Policing model, which is commonly referred to as community policing. We view our work as being in partnership with our community at all times. We recognize that community engagement and participation have significant impact on crime and our citizens’ quality of life.  We approach problem solving in a holistic manner, utilizing all of the applicable resources available to our community.  Officers strive to address problems with long-term solutions focused on root causes rather than temporarily easing symptoms. 

Community policing is not a specific program that can be compartmentalized into a specialized section of the Police Department; it is a philosophy that permeates our entire organization.

Members of the Pullman Police Department are expected to employ community policing to deliver public safety services in an honest, fair, and professional manner, working with our community to enhance their quality of life.