Salary (2020)

  •  Base: $63,456 (Police Officer Trainee) - $92,424 (Senior Police Officer)

  • Education incentive:

    +2% for AA or 2 years college credit


    +4% for BA/BS or 4 years college credit

  • Salary increases are based on a combination of experience and college credits

  • Officers with 4 years of college credit can advance to Senior Police Officer within 5 years

  • 2021 and beyond: annual COLA per contract (typically 1.5-4%)

  • Overtime Pay

    • calculated at time-and-a-half of hours worked outside of the regular shift. In lieu of overtime, officers may bank comp time (also earned at time-and-a-half).


  • Three health insurance options:

    AWC Health First 250

    100% premium coverage for employee & 80% coverage for dependents

AWC Health First High Deductible

100% premium coverage for employees and dependents

City-funded HSA contribution of $200/mo (single employee) or $400/mo (family)

Kaiser Permanente 200 Deductible/$20 co-pay

100% premium coverage for employees and dependents

  • Dental & vision coverage for employee and dependents

vested in plan after 5 years of service

can retire at 53 years old

defined-benefit: years of service x 2% x Final Avg. Salary (highest-paid five years)

  • $15,000 life insurance policy

  • Long-Term Disability Insurance

  • Professional Liability Legal Insurance

Leave Accrual

  • Sick

96 hrs/yr

Carryover up to 800 hours to the following month

  • Vacation

96 hrs/yr starting

216 hrs/yr after 25 years service

Carryover up to 240 hours to the following month.

  • Comp Time

Employee’s option to take compensatory time in lieu of payment for overtime hours worked

1.5 hours for every 1 hour of overtime worked

Carryover up to 48 hours to the following month.

Can be cashed out at the end of any month.

  • Floating Holiday

88 hrs/yr

Remainder cashed out annually