Initial Training

  • 2 weeks pre-academy shadow of an experienced PPD Field Training Officer

  • 4 ½ month 720- hour Basic Law Enforcement Academy in Burien or Spokane

    • Instructional blocks include Criminal Law and Procedures; Traffic Enforcement; Cultural Awareness; Communication Skills; Emergency Vehicle Operations Course; Firearms; Crisis Intervention; Patrol Procedures; Criminal Investigation; and Defensive Tactics

  • 3 ½ month Field Training

What is Field Training?

Our Field Training program pairs officer trainees with experienced training officers. The Field Training Officer - called an FTO - supervises, teaches, and mentors the trainee. The trainee goes through four-week periods (called phases) with three different FTOs. The trainee gains experience and knowledge as they progresses through the phases and bears more responsibility for decision making in their activities. At the end of each call for service and each day, the FTO reviews with the trainee what they did well and what they need to improve upon. At the end of Phase III, the trainee proceeds to Shadow Phase - a two-week proving ground where they receive no assistance or input from the FTO until the end of the shift. Upon completing the FTO program, the trainee is trusted to operate as an independent officer.

Continuing Training

  • All officers receive a minimum of 24 hours per year of refresher training to maintain their peace officer certification

  • Some officers, especially those assigned to specialized assignments or or collateral duties, receive over 100 hours of training per year